The Wilds

Houghton, Johannesburg

Do you ever find yourself stuck in Johannesburg with time to spare and not knowing how to spend it? Within easy reach of the city centre there are several opportunities to enjoy a walk in nature. The Wilds is one of them and thanks to the hard work TJ and his family, this inner city indigenous park is in a beautiful condition. Their is a network of paved footpaths that explore every area of the reserve and an exploratory stroll could well take an afternoon to accomplish. The idea of paved paths may tend to deter the hiker but I found my visit well worth the effort and certainly one I can recommend to my fellow hikers.


Car parking is available on the corner of Houghton Drive and St. Patricks (at the entrance to St Johns School). Dogs are allowed provided that they are kept on leashes.

Parking outside St Johns Dogs are welcome

The trails provide excellent views over Johannesburg , contrasting to the lushness of the vegetation that surrounds one.


The walks are quite hilly and one certainly knows the feeling of exercise  once you have completed the walk. The trails are laid out on both sides of Houghton Drive and are connected by a footbridge.


Even in Winter (these pictures were taken in August) there is an abundance of greenery including some lovely lawns to relax on.


There are also some surprises! Some beautiful examples of Cycads are to be found in the gardens.


A Tree Fern or two can also be found. Have a seat on a park bench and relax and allow the beauty of the surroundings to ease those thoughts!



 In common with inner city parks in major cities throughout the world, it is advisable to take normal precautions and not to walk alone. It is advisable to walk in a group of a minimum of five people and to leave all expensive belongings at home.


Some fine specimens of flora


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The Wilds is managed by Johannesburg City Parks.



Footprint Hiking Club

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