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Waterberg Kruin Hiking Trail

Jan Trichardts Pass near Thabazimbi

The Waterberg Kruin Hiking Trail is on a farm that has been in the Trichardt family since the time of the first settlers. In fact the present owner is Louis Trichardt who used to own most of the surrounding farms as well including the adjoining farm on which the popular Rhenosterpoort Trail is on.

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The basecamp at the Waterberg Kruin Hiking Trail is probably unique among trails. It consists mainly of A-framed thatched huts that overlook a beautiful lake. The Lapa is also spacious and well equipped.

The Waterberg Mountains overshadow the camp.

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The first day's trail is 18Km long and takes the hiker to the top of the nearby Perdekop mountain. The trail is long but relative flat and so one doesn't notice the distance.

The second day of the trail is 7Km long and follows a dirt road for most of the way. This is an easy walk and a certain amount of game can be seen.

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The Waterberg Kruin Hiking Trail is a fairly easy trail although the first day is long. There is quite a lot of dirt road to walk on and this might put some hikers off. The accommodation is excellent and is worth a visit on its own. Fishing is also available in the lake and this might be a good alternative to hiking.

Thanks to Aileen for letting me use her photos for the production of this page. Visit her page on this trail

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