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Taaibos Hiking Trail

Near Vaalwater, Limpopo Province


Taaibos is not a new trail, but it one that I have not done before. It is in the Waterberg Mountains close to the small town of Vaalwater. The trail is relatively short but well worth doing and covers some of the most beautiful areas of this part of the Limpopo Province.

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One of the Hikers Huts Map showing the route of the trail

The Accommodation

The accommodation at base camp is quite adequate. Hot showers and flush toilets are provided along with plenty of good firewood

The trail -- Day One

Day one starts of with a steady climb to a vantage point overlooking the river gorge below. The views a quite spectacular especially when thw river is flowing well.

The trail passes an interesting demonstration of the power of ants in being able to lift a heavy rock.

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The vegetation is lush and there is water even in the dry season (these pictures were taken in the dry season)

The rocks along the trail are very spectacular and are one of the features of the trail.

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Water and the dry river courses are some of the most beautiful to be found in the Waterberg

Rocks and trees are fascinating! To see the way the roots of figs and other indigenous trees entwine themselves together is amazing.

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Fish Eagle Nest Taking it easy is the name of the game
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The trail can be taken at a leisurely pace

Plenty of water is passed even in the dry season

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The camp fire is always a centre of focus

The overnight camp

The overnight camp is a lot more basic than the base camp but quite comfortable. Plenty of good firewood is provided.

Paperbark Albizia (Albizia tanganyicensis)

A Graceful and attractive medium size tree that can grow up to 20m in height. The bark is smooth with a thin pale red papery peel. The flowers appear from August to October and are very beautiful.

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The Trail - Day 2

The second day of the trail leads briefly away from the river but the river is never far away.

Although much shorter, the second day is just as interesting and spectacular as the first.

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Along the route there is a lovely rock overhang that makes an ideal place to have a break and view the river far below.


This is a lovely trail and suitable for beginners and families as well as the seasoned hiker. The scenery is spectacular and the trail should be taken at an easy pace.


The Taaibos Hiking Trail can be booked through

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