Namaqua Silver Sands Slackpacking Trail

Hondeklip Bay, Northern Cape

 6-Day Namaqua Coastal Tour
This is a beautiful setting along the diamond coast of Namaqualand. The trail situated in the Namaqua National Reserve offers you a variety of wild life, bird and whale watching and a spectacular view of the flowers during the season.

 Complete Itinerary:


 6- Day Itinerary (Including: B- Breakfast, L- Lunch, D- Dinner)

Day 1: [D]
∑ You travel with own transportation from Cape Town on the N7 (520Km) towards Garies. Namaqua Silver Sands will meet you there.
∑ Fully detailed map is available if you prefer travelling to the campsite (for this you require a 4X4 vehicle).

Optional expense: [B, D]
∑ Namaqua Silver Sands pick-up at Cape Town int. Airport Transit you to Accommodation..
∑ Cost per person varies depending on group booking.
(This is a full dayís travelling to get to Accommodation)





Day 2 [B, L, D]
∑ Breakfast at 8h00
∑ Transit from base camp to Spoegriver Caves (35 Km)
∑ 15km moderate guided hike to The Dunes
∑ Transit from The Dunes back to base camp.




Day 3 [B, L, D]
∑ Breakfast at 8h00
∑ 17km moderate guided hike from Base Camp to The Dunes.
∑ Transit from The Dunes to Maclearís beacon.
∑ Transit back to base camp.






Day 4 [B, L, D]
∑ Breakfast at 8h00
∑ Transit from Base Camp to Groenrivier for some spectacular bird life.
∑ Drop off takes place at Twinz (14Km) moderate hike back to base camp.


Day 5 [B, L, D]
∑ Breakfast at 8h00.
∑ Transit from Base Camp to Hondeklip Bay. Explore the town and some interesting wrecks in the area, on foot.
∑ Have lunch in the local restaurant.
∑ Transit back to base camp.


Day 6 [B, L]
∑ Breakfast at 8h00.
∑ Transit from Base Camp to the town of Lutzville, where we will have a wine taste and lunch.
∑ Depart back to Cape Town.




What about:
∑ Bedding? Itís your responsibility to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. (The nights do get cold).
∑ Water? We supply you with drinking water and water for the showers. (Please do keep in mind water is limited!)
∑ Snacks? You are more than welcome to supply some additional snack for personal use on the tour.
∑ Daypacks? Bring your own daypack, water-bottle, sunscreen, hat, windbreaker, binoculars etc.
∑ Beverages? We supply you with limited beers, house wines (dry red and dry white), juice, coffee, tea and water. If you prefer something additional to that, bring it along.
∑ The route? Itís a moderate hiking trail. We recommend hiking boots, or footwear appropriate for walking in sand and rocky areas.
∑ Money? Bring some extra spending cash for souvenirs and additional treats.
∑ Accommodation? We supply you with 2-men canvas tents, a communal tent and basic toilet and shower facilities.


Important Info:
        There will be no cell phone reception (only in Hondeklipbaai).
        No Smoking will be allowed in camp area.
        Transportation along the coastal area is rough (4X4 routes).
        No damaging of any equipment will be tolerated.
        We do not take responsibility for hikers not complying with the rules and regulations.
        Tips are not included in the cost.


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