Sandspruit Trail

Kelvin Drive to 12th Avenue

This is another urban walk along the Sandspruit, this time following the river north towards Woodmead. Due to the palisade fencing and locked gates, this part of the Sandspruit trail is guided by Rick Raubeheimer and Judith Taylor who are residents of the area. The trail can be classed as a relatively easy Sunday morning outing which should take no more than 2 hours to accomplish including return trip.


Safe parking can be arranged by Rick and Judith at the start of the trail


The walk follows the right hand bank of the river and passes some beautiful rock pools. Evidence can be seen all along the walk, of the flood line of the river after heavy rain. This has been exasperated in recent years by the increased runoff caused through urbanization.


There are many fine examples of indigenous trees such as the White Stinkwood to be found along the trail. Unfortunately these are interspersed with exotics such Blue Gum, Black Wattle and Poplar.


Despite this 'No Dumping' sign, the dumping of rubbish is a real problem. Some of the residents of the area adjoining the spruit, however, have done an excellent job in cleaning up and maintaining their frontage onto the river.


Close to the end of the walk you will come across the place that the Woodmead spring joins the spruit. It rises in a garden adjoining the river and flows quite strongly across your path.



The trail is a lovely outing and done as an organized walk is pleasant and relaxing. Rick and Judith have done an excellent job in making the area accessible to the walker. They are also to be commended for the time spent and effort in clearing the rubbish that collects along the banks. Walks are run normally each Sunday, alternating between this section and the southern section from Ullman Park. Apart from the normal things such as water, sun-block, and comfortable walking shoes, it is a good idea to bring along a rubbish bag to help with the cleaning up of the area.

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Contact Judith Taylor or Rick Raubenheimer 011 802 2685 for more information about setting out times

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The walk takes place in a public open space area and security must be taken into account while walking it. Some basic measures should be taken. Do not walk alone and try to walk in groups of 4-5 (a largish dog is a good companion as well). Leave all valuables at home. Be always vigilant and bring your attention to security guards that are often to be found along the spruit. While Joburg City parks do all they can to prevent crime, the onus is on the individual to make sure of there own safety.


Johannesburg City Parks

Under whose jurisdiction the trail falls

Head office 011 712 6600

Event management

+27 (0) 11 712 6664

Dee Daniel (phone office hours) + 27(0) 11 712 6604 Fax +27 (0) 11 712 6764


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