Ngwempisi Hiking Trail


The kingdom of Swaziland is a beautiful isolated mountainous area situated in the eastern corner of South Africa, bordering on Mozambique. The Trail is still in its development stage and we thought we would wet your appetite with a few pictures of the area. It is anticipated that the trail will be of 3 or 4 days duration to start with but the area has vast potential to support an even longer trail or even a wilderness trail.


When we visited the area the river was probably at its lowest level it has been for many years due to drought. However the river was still flowing strongly.


The river gorge is about 500m deep and the area is made up of Granite.


There are several mountain stream descending down to the river below.


The views from the top of the gorge are quite stunning.


The rock formations are very beautiful but walking on the rocks can be tricky.


The views  across the gorge and over the lowland areas are very beautiful.


There are plenty of swimming opportunities along the river


More views and rocks


The area is very rich and varied. Trees such as Teak grow in profusion. Examples of the Donkey Tail that usually grow to a maximum of 2 feet tall in other areas of Southern Africa, grow here to be small trees.


More Donkey Tails and Candelabra Euphorbia



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