Mziki Hiking Trail

Eastern Shores, St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal

For those people that love coastal hiking, dunes, rock pools, dune forests and the possibility of seeing a wealth of wildlife, the Mziki trail is for you. The trail takes a maximum of eight people and is accompanied by an armed ranger as you could bump into Rhino, Elephant, Buffalo and Hippo among others. There are three separate day trails from Mount Tabor hut which is about a two Kilometre walk from Mission Rocks where cars a parked.

Mission Rocks

The Office at Mission Rocks

Mount Tabor Trail Hut

Mount Tabor hut is 2Km walk from Mission Rocks where the hikers leave their cars and meet their field ranger. It is important to arrive in time to allow for this walk to be accomplished in daylight.


Mount Tabor Hut is home to the hiking group for three nights and is equipped with beds and mattresses, gas stove, refrigerator, pots pans, crockery and cutlery. Outside, firewood is provided and there is a bucket shower and primitive toilet (with a view). A pole ladder gives access to the roof of the hut which is a favourite vantage point for hikers. The hut was constructed.

Mount Tabor hut was built by the Royal Air Force as an observation post during the second world war. It provided radar support for the Catalina flying boats who supplied air cover for allied shipping in the area.

The Loo with a view
Mount Tabor Hut

Mount Tabor is offers beautiful views of the area and sunset and starry night skies are really something to behold.


The Trails


There are three one day trails that radiate from Mount Tabor. The trail to the north is 18Km long while both the trail towards Mission Rocks in the South and the trail westwards towards the lake are 10Km each.


The trails pass through a variety of habitat but one is never very far from the presence of water. Early morning mist lends an eerie aspect to the walks.

  Both the trails to the North and the one to the South return along the shore giving ample opportunity for swimming.  
  The presence of a multitude of different spider webs provide plenty to photograph.  

Spot the spider! The colours of the vegetation make interesting studies as well

  Inland there are a few surprises awaiting in the form of wildlife. A Croc, Hippo, Rhino or Elephant might just appear from around a bush!  
  But to most people the main attraction of the trail must be the shoreline with its rock pools and unspoilt beaches.  
  There is ample time to enjoy the wonders of the area that is so special.  


The Mziki Trail one of the few coastal trails that is basically day hikes which makes it ideal for those who have problems with backpacking. The trails have a rich and varied flora and fauna and well worth the effort. It should be born in mind that the trails form part of a wilderness area and as such the facilities are kept to very basics.



To book the Mziki Trail contact the Mission Rocks office

Telephone: +27 (0) 35 590 9002 Fax +27 (0) 35 590 9090

PO Box 52, St Lucia Estuary 3936, Republic of South Africa

Footprint Hiking Club

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