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Langberg Hiking Trail

Vrede, Free State

The Free State of South Africa is often thought of in terms of flat uninteresting farmland with fields of Maize and Sunflowers. As in most areas of the globe and certainly in South Africa, there are hidden Jewels to be discovered by the wandering traveller in the Free State. The Langberg trail is just such a jewel. Situated as it is about 200Km from Gauteng, it is also an easy drive for the hiker.

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Koefontein Farmhouse The Stables
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The Braai Area The Pub

The Langberg Hiking Trails are situated on the farm Koefontein in the Memel/Vrede district. The accommodation for the hikers is certainly above average and the owners, Wessel and Riana Wessels go out of their way to make your stay comfortable.

The first day's trail takes the hiker, firstly along the lower slopes of the mountain and then climbs gradually along a kloof. The views of the Free State are quite spectacular. At the head of the kloof, the trail eventually rises to the top of the mountain.

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The weathering of the rocks present some of the most interesting and bazaar formations that one could come across on any trail.

More of the rock formations and rock pools.

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The views are also very beautiful.

Rock pools, rock clambering and caves all go to make this trail very interesting for the hiker.

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A really great hike that can be enjoyed by young and old.

The second day of the trail is less spectacular than the first and covers the lower reaches of the farm. It is an easy trail.

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The Langberg Hiking Trail has many aspects that recommend it. The rock formations are spectacular and the way the trail has been laid out in places to form almost an obstacle course make it special. The accommodation is also both interesting and comfortable.

There are also opportunities for rock climbing, absieling, Bass and Trout fishing and two newly built cottages for hire. A recent addition to this list is horse trails. The owner can also provide meals at a very reasonable cost but these must be booked in advance.

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Bookings for the hiking trail and facilities at Langberg can be made either through

'In a Nutshell'

Distance from nearest town 15km from Vrede, 200km from Gauteng
Access road status Access road to farm can be slippery when wet
Trail type Base camp trail. two circle routes.
Difficulty Easy to moderate
Marking When evaluated the trail was well marked
GPS Co-ordinates R34Turn off  S27 30.351 E29 12.074

Base camp - S27 28.936 E29 13.088

Cell phone reception Base camp - Yes

Along the trail - Yes in a number of places

Facilities Comfortable and well equipped. Sleeps 11, bedding and

towels provided, as well as crockery and cutlery


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