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Thabazimbi, North West Province

Trail Closed

Part of the thrill of living in the beautiful country of South Africa is the richness and diversity of its nature. This richness is often hidden from the view of all but the more persistent of explorers. Hikers are fortunate in being the most common explorers to be introduced to these hidden jewels. When I booked the Kwela-Anget trail I thought that I had a good knowledge of what the Waterberg mountains had to offer but our group was in for a pleasant surprise. The beauty of this farm really adds a new dimension to hiking in the Waterberg.

Kwela-Anget is situated 27Km east of the town of Thabazimbi, beyond the picturesque Bakkers Pass and 10Kms from Marakele National Park in Limpopo Province.

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The old farmhouse used as accommodation for the hikers is very comfortable and well equipped. It comprises of one room with two sets of bunk beds, another with a double bed and a third room with two single beds. Outside, there is a thatched rondavel with a further four sets of bunk beds.


Inside the old farmhouse there is a well-equipped kitchen and outside there is a lovely lapa to spend the hours after the hike.



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The Lapa and Braai fire Part of the kitchen
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The Trails

Day 1

The main trail which is 7Km long starts off with a walk to the main homestead which is a modern house built in an beautiful setting with panoramic views of the Waterberg mountains and alongside a perennial stream with lovely rock pools.

The vegetation along the trail is surprisingly lush and varied. The trail has been laid out as a interpretive trail. The farmer supplies a booklet to correspond with the numbered markers found along the route.

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Although the trail is only 7Km, don't be surprised if you find that you become so interested in the trail that it takes you 7 hours to accomplish it!

The beautiful rock formations make for interesting photography. The dead trees add character to the area as do plants such as the Resurrection Bush.

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Spine-Leaved Monkey Orange (628) Strychnos pungens

This is a small tree occurring in open woodland, often in stony places and at the base of rocky outcrops. The bark is grey to brown and smooth in smaller specimens. The fruit is spherical, woody-shelled and up to 12 cm in diametre, bluish green when young and yellow when ripe. The pulp of the fruit is pleasant tasting and refreshing when ripe, however the unripe fruit  can cause headaches, giddiness and vomiting.

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The rock formations and views across the Alma valley are spectacular. Here you can appreciate the true magnificence of the Waterberg Mountains.

More superb rock formations!

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A visit to the stream rounds of a perfect day.

The Trails

Day 2

The second day of the trail is advertised as only 3,5Km long but is as interesting as it is different from the first days walk.

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The Trail follows the perrenial stream for its duration with lovely rock pools.

The stream passes through a beautiful gorge. The official trail ends at the entrance to this gorge but it is well worth exploring further.

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Pools in the gorge
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This is a gem of a trail and certainly one to be taken at a slow pace. Take your camera along and savour the beauty of the area and save the images for those weekends that one cannot get away.

To book the Kwela-Anget trail contact

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