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Kroemahoek Hiking Trail

Northam, North West Province

The Kroemahoek Hiking trail is situated close to small bushveld Platinum mining town of Northam, not far from Thabazimbi. The trail consists of two circular routes from a central basecamp. The trail accommodates 14 people in two well equipped huts.

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The accommodation is well equipped and maintained

The rooms are tastefully decorated and the beds are comfortable

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The first day's trail is 10Km long and takes the hiker to the top of the nearby mountain through thick bush and past beautiful rocks along the way.

The Climb is steep in places and the view are spectacular.

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The Flora is diverse and beautiful

The birdlife around the camp is quite tame and cheeky.

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The second day of the trail is an easy route of seven Kms through fairly flat areas with some of the most beautiful trees to be found on any trail. The trees include hundreds of fine examples of Tambotie

A tree lover's paradise. Rich in diversity as only the African bosveld can boast.

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The Bead-bean Tree Maerua angolensis

This is a tree that can grow up to 10 metres in height. It occurs

in low altitude wooded grassland. The fruit is like a long, slender

bean from September to February


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The Kroemahoek hiking trail has several things to recommend it. The farmer has gone to great lengths to see to the comfort of the hikers. There is a swimming pool for hikers to cool off in after a long hot summer day hiking. There is little water along the route so this is a welcome innovation. The trail is relatively close to Gauteng and without tolls along the route. There is also tar road up to the entrance to the farm. The accommodation is also very suited for those who have a relaxing weekend away and the trails provide the opportunity to appreciate the scenic beauty of the area and the diversity of the flora.

To book the Kroemahoek hiking trail contact

Anvie Ventures

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Telephone +27 12 662 1140/0586 e-mail

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