Kranshoek Nature Walk

Harkerville, Western Cape

Many hikers have enjoyed the splendour and serenity of the Harkerville two day coastal trail  but probably few have walked the adjoining Kranshoek day trail. It is certainly well worth doing but one should not underestimate the degree of difficulty involved in walking it, especially if the weather is hot. The trail is spectacular and mirrors much to be seen on the Harkerville Trail.


To reach the trail take the Harkerville turnoff the N2 close to Plettenberg Bay and follow the signboards to Kranshoek. The trail starts from the picnic area and after meandering for a while along the cliff tops through some indigenous forest it eventually descends steeply down a gorge.

This part of the trail has a profusion of steps constructed to prevent erosion and aid the hiker


Once the rocky shore is reached it is time to take a breather on the pebbly shore. Maybe cast a few stones into the surf or spy on a few crabs as they dart among the rocks.

  The Trail weaves its way along the coast passing rocky outcrops that form buttresses to the invading sea.  

The trail undulates between the shore line and the cliff tops. Along the way it is worth spending a few minutes reading the interpretive boards so thoughtfully placed by the authorities.


Just as one begins to think that the coastal walk will never end, the trail turns inland along a kloof and it is not long before you are gazing down on the ribbon of pathway that has just been walked. From the cliff top, it is about a 2km walk back to the picnic site and your cars.



Kranshoek is a trail that is well worth doing, even if you have done the Harkerville Trail. Take at least 2 litres of water with you and also sunblock.

If you plan on spending a few days in the area, why not enquire about staying at The Tree-Top Forest Chalet which is tucked away in the forest between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay. The rates are very reasonable and the chalet very comfortable.

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