Kosi Bay Trail

The Kosi Bay Hiking Trail is a four day guided trail in northern Kwa-Zulu Natal in a coastal area called Maputaland. This coastal area is a proclaimed marine reserve and is well known as a place where giant turtles come and lay their eggs, usually in early November. The trail is guided by a member of the local community who is well trained, to make sure that the hikers don't get lost and don't destroy any of the delicate environment that they walk through. There are also plenty of Hippo in the lake system and they could cause a few problems if a hiker does not know how to handle the situation.

Access to the Kosi Bay Nature reserve is via Jozini and Kangwanase. The last section to the basecamp is along sand roads suitable for access by 4x4. There is arrangements however for cars to be left safely at the end of the tar road and the remainder of the route to be done by transport provided by the trail.

The trail has been designed to suite the needs of each group that walks the trail. Several options are available. The trail is administered from Maputaland lodge and is a joint venture with the local community

Taking a rest in the forest Preparing to cross the Lake
Across the Lake Are there any Hippos?
Inspecting the fish traps Snorkeling at the river mouth
View along the shore View from the camp

Many people will remember the old trail as being a very special experience and were disappointed when it fell into disrepair. Now that the trail has been re-instated hikers are again able to experience this unique area.

Kosi River View from the top
View of the Kosi river estuary
Along the top of the dune Down to the beach
Time to relax A stroll along the beach

Another aspect of the new trail is the fact that you now are accommodated in lodges along the way. Packs are transported for you and food is provided.

An ants nest in a tree A Golden Orb spider


Aspects of the trail to look forward too include walks through swamp forest, crossing the Sidhala river on a pont, the possibility of seeing rare birds such as the Palmnut vulture and seeing the turtles.

The Raffia Palm Pont Nearly across
Some beautiful plants in the forest Back safely at the start


Contemplation under a palm
      A really great hike and one that appears on our calendar on a regular basis. In fact it is more than a hike, it is a total nature experience. The hiking days are short, about 3 hours a day, so the hikers have time to really take in the beauty of the environment through which they are hiking. Be prepared to come back from Kosi Bay a revitalized person.

(The pictures on this page were taken by different photographers on several visits to this amazing place).

Kosi Bay is situated in endemic malaria area and it is suggested that you consult your doctor before going into the area.



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