Kameelkop Hiking Trail

Marquard, Eastern Free State

Many people will have heard of the eastern Free State town of Marquard as a place on a sign board from Winburg. Marquard is in fact the centre of the cattle feedlot industry and is home to up to 60,000 head of cattle. However, the area is also home to the Kameelkop Hiking Trail, which meanders through the beautiful sandstone mountains of the area, bastions with names like Kameelkop and Wardens Tower.

The trail is designed as a two day backpack trail but it is possible to transfer a vehicle from the basecamp to the overnight camp without too much difficulty.


The starting point for the trail is the farm Rietfontein. The farm has spacious gardens and a stunning old sandstone farmhouse with a large swimming pool. One of the blocks of sandstone has a unique feature of fossilized fish embedded in it.


The first day of the trail traverses rock outcrops which offer interesting photo opportunities.


Much of the terrain is similar to that found on the, now closed, Karannaberg Trail, the site of which is quite close

  A good coating of sun-block is recommended as the area can see temperatures rise into the thirties.  

Die Hoek, the overnight camp is tucked away in a secluded valley.


The second day starts with a climb to the top of the distinctive Kameelskop.


The climb is rewarded by stunning rock formations including a mushroom rock to beat them all.















One the return hike to basecamp one passes a shady steam that provides opportunities for a quick dip in summer.

These grand old people provide a welcome back at the end of the trail.




A beautiful addition to the growing number of eastern Free State trails. A trail that is well worth doing. It is important to carry plenty of water.

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