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Izemfene Hiking Trail

KwaZulu Natal

The Izemfene network of hiking trails have been designed to cater for the needs of most hikers. The trail used to be a backpack trail but now has been changed to be day walks from The Manor House or Goose Cottage, both up market and well equipped guest houses.


The trails range from short walks of 1 or two hours up to full day trails of up to 15km

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The longer trail climbs up through a lovely valley and here one has the opportunity of seeing the richness of the flora of this area.

The mountain streams are beautifully cool and refreshing. In hot weather they provide a welcome opportunity to take a break and cool off.

The further parts of the trail should be treated as a wilderness trail as although there are markers the trail can get overgrown but experienced walkers should have little difficulty in finding their way.

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The diversity of the unspoiled flora add so much to this trail.

Along the trail are many beautiful rock pools and shady resting places.

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The Waterfall



The Izemfene Hiking trail is a trail that is well worth doing. It is well laid out but, with the exception of the first three kilometres, fairly tough, especially in the heat of summer. The landscape of KwaZulu Natal is different from other areas of our country and is certainly worth the additional journey distance to pay a visit.

The Izemfene Hiking trail is bookable through Jacana Marketing and Reservations

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