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Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal

Many of you will remember the old Ngogo Trail that was closed when the owners decided to develop the Dunblane Trout Fishing and Golf Estate on the land between Newcastle and Dunblane. The total land area as a whole is vast and stretches way up into the Drakensberg towards Memel and this includes the stunningly picturesque areas with their trout streams. The owners have decided to re-open the trail under the name Ingogo and I am sure that many of you are as excited as I am at the return of this trail.

For those who wish to overnight at the start of the trail, accommodation facilities are provided at the Grey Goose Farm Lodge "Accademy Accommodation" which comprises of a single dormitory with 18 bunk beds. Breakfast is available at the lodge at a very reasonable additional cost. Camping facilities are also available for those wishing to do so.

Backpack route-Day 1

 Distance 12km

The morning of the first day of the trail starts with a short drive to Dunblane office were one can leave cars safely under the care of the 24 hour guards. Those that intend arriving on Saturday will receive directions to Dunblane with their Jacana permit. From Dunblane the trail ascends Donkey's Pass. From here the trail joins the old route that ascends Baboon's Pass which many of you will remember for its steep climb aided with a rope.. Here one is at 6,500 ft above sea level. From here the trail leads down to the Ingogo river on which the 3 overnight are to be found.

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View of mountains from Dumblane The area is rich in flora
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View from the top Waterfall near Ngogo cottage
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Overnight accommodation

Overnight in three old sandstone cottage which are elictified, with hot running water and flush toilets. They have 2 dormitories with 15 beds and mattresses as well as a kitchen, ablutions, kitchen and open dinning room cottage, with chairs, tables and cutlery. Plenty of opportunity is available for swimming on the way to the cottages.


Bacpack route-Day2 Distance 12km

For the walk back on Sunday, the trail rises along a valley in an easterly direction until a rope aids one up a steep section to gain access to the escarpment edge which one follows for a distance of about 3km. This takes one past natural waterfall and pans until one eventually descends Trek Pass back to the starting point.

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150 Tree Ferns are to be found in one kloof


A lovely trail in a lovely area. Well worth a visit. The facilities are good and well maintained.

The Ingogo Hiking Trail is booked through Jacana Travel Marketing and Reservations

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