The club was formed at a meeting in Nigel in 1991. Initially it consisted of a small group of families who had all had experience with other groups. In early 1992 the club applied and was admitted as a member of the Southern Transvaal branch of the Hiking Federation of Southern Africa.  Club membership has rapidly grown until by the end of 2002 it had reached more than 200 families and individuals. The scope of club activities have expanded to meet the needs of the membership and these include a very active social programme. From an early date, the club has been involved in the development of new trails. In 2003 we became involved in the accreditation of trails on behalf of the University of Pretoria.

The club website was introduced at the end of 1997 and this has grown in scale until it has become one of the most popular sites on hiking in the world with more than 500 visitors a day from all over the world.

Footprint Hiking Club

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