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Grootwater Hiking Trail

Near Vaalwater

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The Grootwater Hiking trail is situated 60Km north of Vaalwater and not far from Elisras. More than 210 species of birds have been spotted on the farm and mammals include Kudu, Warthog, Impala, Hedgehog, Bushbuck, Leopard, Bushpig and Duiker. Though there are one or two stiff climbs, the majority of the walks are fairly easy. However the area can be very hot and this can present the hiker with a few problems.

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The basecamp

The accommodation is well equipped and maintained

The Trails

The trails are relatively short   and apart from a stiff climb up Mamboskop, fairly easy going.

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The first day of the trail is 8Km long and passes through a wide variety of typical bushveld vegetation

Due to the shortness of the trail, there is plenty of opportunity to relax and take it easy.

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The Flora is diverse and beautiful

There are some beautiful examples of trees

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The second day of the trail is an easy 6Km walk. A braai down by the lake is well worth the time. There are two rowing boats to while away an hour or two.


Grootwater provides an ideal opportunity for people to enjoy a relatively easy weekend hiking getaway. The distances are short and apart from one stiff climb, easy walking.

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To book the Grootwater hiking trail contact

Anvie Ventures

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Telephone +27 12 662 1140/0586 e-mail

Thank you to Aileen for the use of her pictures in the preparation of this page.

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