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Peace beside the lake

Golden Harvest Park is the largest green space for the residents of Randburg and was proscribed as a “green lung’ for Randburg in 1972. With the phenomenal growth of town house developments in the vicinity of the Park there is an ever increasing need for a Park where citizens can enjoy fresh air, greenery and space to exercise their dogs.

 Sadly over the past few years the Park has suffered from inadequate investment and maintenance and is underutilised by local residents because of perceived threats to their security. The security situation is exacerbated further by the number of people living permanently in the Park, both legally and illegally.

The Park itself is now under threat from proposed developments. At the northern end of the Park there is a proposal to build Display Gardens and on the southern side of the Park rumours exist of a townhouse development between the dam and First Road, Northwold..

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 Friends of Golden Harvest Park

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