Golden Harvest Park

Access via Maple Drive off Olivenhout (traffic lights on Olivenhout between Northgate and Banbury Cross), Northwold

Johannesburg is full of beautiful surprises. Many of the parks and nature reserves are true treasures that we, the citizens of Joburg, can justifiably be proud of. Most people, I am sure, will probably never have heard of Golden Harvest Park and it is not surprising when one considers that there are more than 2500 parks and open spaces within the city. Golden Harvest Park is situated in Northwold, close to the Coca Cola Dome and is one of the largest public open spaces in the northern Suburbs of the municipality.


The park was established by the then Randburg Municipality in 1972 as a 'green lung' for its people and with the reorganization of local government, became part of the open spaces of Johannesburg City Parks.


The park offers opportunities for various forms of recreation, including walking, fishing and mountain biking. A stroll around the main dam can be very pleasant. The geese will come and inspect you as interlopers in their preciously guarded domain. Away from the dam there are also some interesting natural bush areas to explore.


There is also a play area for the children with climbing apparatus to delight the most adventurous of kids.


City Parks have a regional office in the park along with a depot. There are also braai facilities and a lapa that can be booked by groups


There are well paved roads in the park and visitors are requested to keep to these. There is no entrance charge to Golden Harvest Park


Another place to visit when you are in town and looking for somewhere to go and something to do. Golden Harvest may well surprise you by what it has to offer.






Golden Harvest Park is fully fenced. Incidents of crime have occurred within the park on several occasions and it is important to bare this in mind when planning your visit. Try to walk in a small group of people. Leave all your valuables at home. Always be conscious of what is going on around you.  The onus is on the individual to ensure his or her own safety.


Friends of Golden Harvest Park

Po Box 133, Sundowner 2161


Johannesburg City Parks

Under whose jurisdiction the trail falls

+27 (0) 11 712 6600

Footprint hiking club

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