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 We aim to raise funds to support and protect the interests of  The Field and Study Park,

its members and the public.  To initiate Outreach Programmes in the wider community

 The Braamfontein Spruit flows through the Park


 Our aim is to keep it the natural, open space that it is and to protect the parkland from being sold off  or to oppose any efforts to change the character of the park.  We have vigorously opposed proposals from the Joburg Property Co. who, during those 6 years, have tried to do both.

 We oversee the maintenance of the Park and generally try to keep improving the Park in any way we can. We have had more benches and bins put in, got the Dinasoar climbing frame for the children and have just had the toilets refurbished. We have further plans with help from the community.

 With no worker in the Park and Parks unable to provide security, we have now negotiated a ‘No Charge’ Contract with ADT  to patrol the Park  24/7 with response. Boards at the entrance and on the field with  emergency numbers are now erected.


Children on a school outing enjoying the Jungle Gym

We are engaging in continual talks with JPC as we feel we cannot afford to lose any more open space in the constantly densifying Sandton.  Funds permitting, we will do whatever we can, in a constructive manner, to find a win/win solution.



Louise Ave. Parkmore.

 The history of the land on which the park stands – The Farm ‘Driefontein-  can be traced back to 1859 when land transactions were first formalized by the Govt. It was 280.558morgan in extent with the Braamfontein spruit running through it. In 1888 it was divided into 9 portions. It had subsequent owners but in 1937 Philip and Emma Arnold  bought approx. 40 acres and with the help of some labourers, built the stately, current house themselves.

The Park is now divided into two separate sections.


THE  PARK  outside the fence which is open to the public 7 days a week, It can be hired for events through the Metro Office. Tel. Mimmie Masike of Parks -Tel 011 712 6690 / 6664


The grounds provide natural, wide, uncluttered open space which is used by all the community for a wide variety of outdoor activities and recreation – schools, churches, fun days, community days, corporate entertainment etc.  Due to the size of the grounds virtually any activity can be accommodated whether for a man and his dog or 400 people. The beautiful river walk is an opportunity  to get back to nature and provides a  ‘Place for the Soul’ -  so vital for the human psyche  in the current frenetic world we live in.

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