Emoyeni Hiking Trail

'Spiritual Wind' in Zulu

St Lucia, KwaZulu Natal

The Emoyeni Trail is a five day, four night backpack trail accompanied by an armed ranger. The trail is approximately 52Km long and is situated in the Mfabeni Section of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park. The hiker has to carry all his own equipment including a tent. The heat and humidity of the area can make the trail quite strenuous and therefore a certain degree of fitness is required.

Mission Rocks Office

Hikers should report to Mission Rocks office by noon at the latest to enable them to complete the 7Km walk to the first camp before nightfall


Day 1- Mission Rocks to Jocks's Mess Camp 7Km 4 Hours

The trail winds through dune forest, skirting wetlands and forest patches, to reach the shores of Lake St Lucia. It follows the lake edge to the first overnight camp at Catalina Bay. The camp is called 'Jock's Mess after Jock Mercer who was chef with 262 Squadron at Catalina Base during WW2. The camp is close to the old mess



Day 2- Jock's Mess to eJubangoma Camp- 18Km- 8hrs

Awakening to the belly-laughs of Hippo and the Fish Eagle cry, hikers will walk in a north westerly direction through patches of forest, crossing the swamp forest of the Nkazama stream. This vegetation type is extremely rare in South Africa with a total extent of only 5000ha and over half of that occurs at St Lucia. The trail continues along the lake, meandering though wetlands, forest and grassland to eMambeni inlet where Crocs and a variety of waterbirds can be seen. The trail continues north until the second camp is reached.


Day 3 eJuangoma Camp to Bhangazi Camp 11Km- 4-5 hours

The trail continues east through forest and grassland, to enter the fringes of the Tewate Wilderness area and past the eDunyini Stream and swamp forest. The third overnight camp is located near the shores of Lake Bhangazi.


Day 4-Bhangazi Camp to Bartels' Folley 16Km-4-5 hours

As the sun peeps over the dunes of Cape Vidal, turning the colours of Bhangazi to a rich gold, you will be preparing for the fourth day of the Emoyeni Trail. The path skirts the southern side of Lake Bhangazi, down the eastern edge of the Mfabeni Swamp and then up into the dune forest south of Cape Vidal. The distant crashing of the waves on the beaches can now be heard more clearly as you walk south through the dune forest to Bartels' Folley Camp


Day 5- Bartels' Folley to Mission Rocks- 11Km- 3 hours

The final day of the Emoyeni Trail takes the hiker along the beach back to Mission Rocks. Allow yourself time for a swim in the sea and ask your ranger to show you the bat cave. There is a section along this part of the trail that is impassable at high tide, so consult a tide table before setting out.



This is a beautiful trail and well worth doing. The animal and birdlife is very special and the final stretch along the beach just seems to complete the trail in a special way.




To book the Emoyeni Trail contact the Mission Rocks office

Telephone: +27 (0) 35 590 9002 Fax +27 (0) 35 590 9090

PO Box 52, St Lucia Estuary 3936, Republic of South Africa

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