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Eikenhof Hiking Trail

Mullers Pass, Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal

Trail Closed

The Eikenhof hiking trail is situated in the Mullers pass area of KwaZulu Natal close to the town of Newcastle. The trail is a two day backpack trail (11Km the first day and 9Km the second day) originally laid out with the help of the late Chris Lerm and members of the Roodepoort Hiking Club. Of all the weekend trail that we have done around South Africa this one could be described as the wild flower trail. In spring the hillsides of the area are a mass of different colours. This however, is not the only reason for doing this trail as this trail has such a variety of landscapes and flora that at any time of the year it is well worth doing.

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The Basecamp at Eikenhof
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The accommodation at Basecamp is spacious and well look after. It contains 24 bunk beds and mattresses, hot showers and a gas stove.

After heavy rain the approach to the trail can be difficult and slippery so care must be taken.

There are two Braai areas at Basecamp (one under cover).

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The Trail

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From the Basecamp the trail follows banks the Ncandu river for some distance following first a farm track and then a small path through dense indigenous forest.

Again and again the hiker will be amazed at the diversity of the flora. Whole hillsides abound with the myriad of colours of the wildflowers.

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In the dense riverine forest there are beautiful cascades of water.

More of the beautiful fungi and wild flowers.

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...and more of the same.

The trail takes the hiker steeply up along a mountain stream until a contour path is reached.

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The views and the mountain streams are really lovely along the route.

Overnight hikers sleep under a rock overhang and the views of the dawn sunrise are really very special.

The facilities are basic. Water is gathered from the waterfall and some straw is scattered around to make sleeping more comfortable. Wood is provided for the fire and there is a long drop toilet.

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Different colours of a waterfall as it plunges over the rock overhang.

The second day of the Eikenhof hiking trail is far easier than the first and is mostly downhill.

The views of the mountains on this section of the trail are stunning. There are also some lovely waterfalls to be seen.

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The Eikenhof hiking trail is a really beautiful trail and one really worth doing. Spring and after the first rains is obviously the best time to do this trail but there is enough variety to make it worth doing at any time of the year.


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Bookings for the Eikenhof trail can be made through

Anvie Ventures +27 12 662 0586 or e-mail

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