Dwarsberg Hiking Trail

Parys, North West Free State

South Africa is home to many almost forgotten corners of natural beauty. The North West Free State town of Parys is just such a place. Close to the inpact site of probably the largest meteor to have ever collided with planet earth, the area is mountainous and rugged. The area is home to the Dwarsberg basecamp trail

  The trails start from the old farmhouse. This beautiful old building offers hikers a chance to experience what it was like to live on a farm in days gone by.  

The accommodation is comfortable and includes a undercover braai area.

The basecamp at Damport has electricity, gas stove and fridge. Fire wood is supplied.


The trails explore the full diversity of terrains and vegetations that the farm has to offer from open grassland and thick indigenous bush to rugged mountainsides.


The area was formed more than 2,000 million years ago when a meteorite estimated to have been 10km in diameter struck the earth in the vicinity of the town of Vredefort. The inner rim of the Dome that was created stretches over 42km with at least three rings extending outwards.



The first day of the Dwarsberg trail is about 12km and the second about 4km long



This, for me, was a surprising trail maybe as it was my first visit to the Vredefort Dome and Parys area. It certainly won't be my last. I very much enjoyed my walk through the mountains and valleys. It is hard to imagine the havoc that a meteorite of that size would create if it were to come to earth today. The owner has created an interesting geological exhibit at Dampoort basecamp to help understand this incredible phenomenon.



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