Cederberg Wilderness Area

Western Cape


The Cederberg Wilderness area in the Western Cape Province ranks alongside the Drakensberg in KwaZulu Natal, the Wolkberg in Limpopo Province and the Fish River Canyon in Namibia as being the prime hiking destinations for the experienced hiker who loves the freedom given by hiking in Wilderness  areas. The Cederberg has a beauty that is all on its own. The weathered rock formations, the beautiful vistas, the crystal clear pools and streams go to make this an unforgettable hiking experience.

Algeria Campsite

Most hikers start out on their adventure into the mountains from Algeria campsite, not far from the picturesque towns of Clan William and Citrusdal. The campsite has full ablution facilities and a little tuck shop. There is also swimming opportunities in a pool in the river.

Camping at Algeria Our campsite
Setting out The way ahead

From Algeria, the path ascends steeply towards the mountains and a beautiful waterfall.


The water is crystal clear and so pure that grass grows underneath it. Even in drought there is a good flow of water coming over the falls.

Top of the waterfall
A Lizard at the top of the falls
  Spectacular start to the hike!

The top at last! Here we first become aware of the rock formation and flowers that are going to become apart of our life for the next few days!

Middelberg Hut Start of an amazing journey into rock formations

Middelberg hut and the surrounding rocks.

Rocks, rocks and more rocks!  

From Middelberg hut we progressed to Sleepad hut.


Sleepadhut is situated at the top of a steep climb but is cozy in bad weather.


On the way to Tafelberg

From Sleepad hut we decided to make for Tafelberg, a route mostly along a jeep track.


The weathered rocks are once again the centre of attraction


The way to the top of Tafelberg is tough in places but well worth the effort. The views are stunning.


The Flora along the way is beautiful and in some cases unique to the area.


The Wolfberg arch is a well known landmark and the subject of numerous photos but no photos can do justice to this amazing creation of nature


There are few Ceders left in the Cederberg but occasionally you do come across one.

Leaving the arch
A Cedar in the Cedarberg

Camping in the Cederberg can be an unforgettable experience. The morning and evening sky can be very beautiful.

More flowers and rocks  


The Cederberg is an amazing place. We just touched the fringes of the area and we hiked for five days. Although there are some small huts, these can be occupied by other groups and therefore tents are a must. In any case part of being in a wilderness area is choosing a location and setting up camp. The flora and rocks capes are incredible and this webpage does not do the area the justice it deserves.

'In a Nutshell'

Distance from nearest town 200km from Cape Town about 26km from Clan William
Access road status The road to Algeria is usually reasonable and passable with care
Trail type Wilderness trail. There are some basic shelters but unless the weather is bad, sleeping out under the stars is usually a better option.
Difficulty Moderate to strenuous
Marking Although this is a wilderness trail, there are well defined paths with Cairns in places. Unless you know the Cederberg well it is better to stick to the designated paths
GPS Co-ordinates Algeria camp - S32 22.453 E19 03.685

Crystal Pool Shelter S32 20.881 E19 08.107

Sleepadhut S32 22.655 E19 08.754

Path up Tafelberg S32 24.591 E19 11.219

Wolfberg Arch S32 26.615 E19 15.223

Cell phone reception No Reception in wilderness. Sporadic reception at Algeria
Facilities Camping sites and full ablutions at Algeria. Apart from basic shelters there are no facilities in the wilderness area. Tents and hiking stoves are a must.


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