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The Way Forward


Following on the requests made at the 2005 AGM a strategic workshop was undertaken to address the future direction of the BST. The workshop, attended by members of the Board of management, came up with the following as the mission of the Braamfontein Spruit Trust.



The BSTís Mission is to:  

inform, communicate, network, educate, and seek cooperation between all stakeholders in order to ensure sustainable river systems north of the Witwatersrand watershed


The Five Point Plan


In subsequent working sessions a five point plan has been developed to assist the trust achieve the above mission. This is summarised below.


1          Need to communicate


An effective communication strategy needs to be developed and implemented. This will include a revision of the newsletter, the development of a website, and other initiatives to promote the sustainable use of resources in the catchment.


The strategy will include detailed objectives and be focused on specific target groups, using all available media. 


2          Help stakeholders achieve objectives


The BST needs to continue supporting other groups in the catchment achieve their objectives, through the identification of appropriate expertise and by creating networking opportunities.  


3          Need to expand representation on BOM


Current membership on BOM needs to be expanded to ensure broader demographic and organisational representation in order to ensure the sustainability of the trust.


4          Start the development of a conservation plan for the rivers.


Formal environmental management plans and programmes are needed for many areas in the catchment and the BST needs to assist in the identification of needs and the initiation of projects where gaps exist, as well as the support of existing initiatives. This could take the form of initiation of research projects or other appropriate initiatives.


5          Raise funds to accomplish the above


An effective fundraising strategy needs to be developed to support the above objectives.

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