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  A group of 14 left Margaret’s house at 08.45am to explore Kensington and parts of Troyeville and Fairview.  We looked forward to seeing a part of early Johannesburg and hearing about its history.  We also were keen to see the interesting Victorian and Edwardian properties in the area, many of which had been built by the Randlords.  The walk was quite hilly but the weather gorgeous.

 The first historical house we looked at was where Ghandi resided, although there is some controversy about which of two he actually stayed in.  It was interesting walking along one of the streets and listening to gospel music on one side and a rowdy shebeen on the other side – and it was only 9.30am in the morning!


 We then walked along several streets near the old Marymount Nursing home and came to David Webster’s house, in front of which he was gunned down some years ago.  A very ornate and descriptive mosaic has been put onto the outside wall commemorating his life and death.  Unfortunately the house looks as though it needs some upkeep, but the mosaic remains intact.


  From there we walked into Langerman Drive past Jeppe Boys Prep School and the High School, which was built in 1910, then into Goodhope Street, up the hill, onto Langerman Kop where we had a wonderful view of Johannesburg on a 360º view site.  The ruins of the old Langerman Hotel showed clearly how big this had been in its heyday. 

 We then walked past Jeppe Boys High School, heard more of it’s interesting history and walked down Somerset Road to view the Sir Herbert Baker house in which Clive Scott currently lives.

 Moving back onto Langerman Drive, walked past Jeppe High School for Girls

which had been built prior to Jeppe Boys. We called in to the Kensington Bowling Club and saw where the infamous Foster gang had holed up close by.  We had a very clear view of Kensington Castle, up on the Highland Ridge, and Margaret told us of its interesting history.

The group then preceded to Rhodes Park and walked around this excellently laid out Public Park.  Then into King Edward Road to view another old property known as the “Scotts” house. 

 We concluded the walk some 4½hours later, back at Margaret’s house, for much needed refreshments. 

 The walk totalled a distance of 10kms up-hill and down-dale.  A wonderful and most interesting morning.

 Many thanks to Margaret for sharing her knowledge with us in such an interesting way.

 Peggy Laws   


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