Boesmanskrans Hiking Trail

Fouriesburg, Free State

The Eastern Free State area around Fouriesburg and Clarens is the site of several hiking trails and is remarkable for its scenic beauty. Of the weekend day walk trails, Boesmanskrans is certainly one of the best. The facilities are well maintained and equipped although a little cramped for groups of more than twelve people.


The Accommodation

The road to Boesmanskrans is easily negotiable by most vehicles but when arriving after dark directions as supplied by the booking agents need to be follows carefully. The accommodation is comfortable and is ideal for the smaller groups. Unlike most trails in the area, quality wood is supplied in the form of Oak from their own plantation.


 At first sight the mountains of the area are very little different to others around about. It is only when one starts walking along the krans' does one really appreciate this very special place.

Even in winter there is a surprising amount of greenery in this area.


Tire ladders have become a part of many recently developed trails. Boesmanskrans has one of the best constructed ladders that I have seen to date. The tires are anchored to one another, top and bottom and to chains on both sides.

This is essential as the ladder rises almost vertically up a rock face.



Once at the top of the ladder it is time to calm the nerves with a cup of coffee before continuing the journey along the top.


Eventually the trail starts its descent to lower levels and the views are quite stunning.


The views of the surrounding area are very beautiful and certainly worth the effort involved in hiking the trail.


After a while the trail descends to take the hiker underneath the krans. The vegetation here is lush and full of surprises. Limestone deposits are to be found along with some small pools of water.  

  The grasses under the krans hang down like long beards.

 The second day trail is also well worth doing. It descends to the lower areas of the farm and follows the tranquil river bank for some distance. The scenery is beautiful and this trail should not be missed.


It is always refreshing to come across a new trail that has something to offer the hiker that is a bit different to others in the same area. The farmer has obviously put a lot of work and effort into this venue and the trail is bound to become a favourite.

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