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Boe Boes Nest Hiking Trail

Near Koster, North West Province

When a person thinks of the Koster region of the North West Province, visions of Maize and Sorghum fields come to mind and very little of scenic beauty. However, like other areas of this beautiful land of ours, there is beauty to be found even here. Boe Boes Nest is situated on the edge of the Elands River gorge and is really worth visiting even if hiking is not your main interest. The Elands River flows strongly even during the driest times of the year and there is plenty of opportunity for swimming in the rock pools that are to be found along the river banks.

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There are two hikers huts each accommodating 12 people and a river camp which accommodates a further 12 people in more luxurious style.

There is a beautiful lapa on an island in the river, close to the waterfall.

The trails follow the path of the Elands river. There are many interesting rock formations along the route.

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The trail meanders past some lovely rock pools.

Along the banks of the river the vegetation is diverse and rich

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The rock formations along the way are very beautiful and present the photographer with many possibilities

The waterfall and cascades are really very beautiful

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Along the upper slopes above the river gorge there are some fine examples of Aloes


Boe Boes Nest is really worth a visit. The walks are fairly easy and afford the hiker the opportunity of taking in the beauty of this area. The accommodation is superb and suitable for the whole family.


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