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Ama Poot Poot Hiking Trail

Dullstroom, Mpumalanga

  The little picturesque town of Dullstoom in Mpumalanga is renowned for its trout fishing and for some rather nice bars and restaurants to visit on the way to the Lowveld. Just outside the town is the Ama Poot Poot Hiking Trail. This is a day route trail from a central hut.  
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The Accommodation

The accommodation is well equipped and maintained. There is a kitchen with gas stove and fridge and plenty of space to store cooler boxes etc. There are hot water showers and flush toilets. The lounge has a fireplace which one can snuggle around when it is cold


The Trails Day One

The trail starts off from the basecamp and skirts around to the higher levels on the left hand side of the farm before it descends steeply to cross the river.

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The trail climbs steeply away from the river and rises to the top of the hill before eventually descending to a beautiful waterfall.


The waterfall is an ideal place to sit and relax by or have lunch at. There are some lovely pools to cool off in.

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It is difficult to pull oneself away from the waterfall but eventually one reluctantly has to take the homeward path. The trail again climbs quite steeply and then descends again down to the river.  

There are some lovely rock formations along the way.

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The end of a lovely day


The Trail - Day Two

The second day is shorter than the first and less demanding. It also focuses on the river and follows it for a short distance. The trail visits the bottom of the waterfall that was the highpoint of the previous day.

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The Ama Poot Poot Trail has a lot of good points to recommend it. It is relatively close to Gauteng, there is a lot of water on the trail and the accommodation is more than adequate. This is a trail that is well worth doing.



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