Tonquani/Cedarberg Kloofs

Magaliesberg Mountains, North West Province

Probably the most beautiful kloof in the Magaliesberg Mountains, Tonquani is the picture of what most people would class as the perfect water feature that they would love to adorn their house except that this one goes on for Kilometre after Kilometre. Stunning tree fern lined pools of crystal clear water interspersed with giant rocks go to make this walk an unforgettable experience.


The entrance to Cedarberg kloof is by way of Mountain Sanctuary Park and the upper reaches of Tonquani kloof is via the MCSA parking area south of Mooinooi. It is important to note that both Cedarberg and Tonquani Kloofs are private property owned by the Mountain Club and access is by PERMIT ONLY. The area is patrolled by MCSA members who can and will ask for your permit.


To get to the top of Cedarberg Kloof one needs to first climb away from the Mountain Sanctuary office towards 'The Twins' rock formations and then start the descent down into the kloof. From this point you are now entering a restricted area.


The path descends through thick undergrowth, steeply in places, down into the kloof.



Now begins the kloof walk that must be one of the most beautiful in the Magaliesberg. Rugged in places and needing a certain amount of agility, the gorge is full of beautiful surprises.


Cedarberg  kloof eventually joins Tonquani kloof at a junction that could be described like an inner-city junction with tall buildings all around (in this case high, vertical rocks)


From this point on one can either go upstream towards Boulder Kloof and Red Gully or downstream to the end of the gorge. In any case you will have no alternative but to get wet as large pools present obstacles where there are no ways around.


As you traverse these pools of crystal clear water the awesomeness of the high rock cliffs can be glimpsed that are so popular with rock climbers


The kloof eventually comes to an end in some lovely rock pools that are just waiting for the intrepid swimmers to take the plunge. From here it is a short walk back to the office at Mountain Sanctuary.



What a walk! Absolutely stunning! It is incredible to think that places such as these exist in Gauteng.There are no marked paths so it is important to go with people that have been to the area before. It takes time to negotiate the rocks and swim the pools so try and start early. Take wading shoes and plastic bags to keep your personal stuff dry. There is no overnight camping allowed in the kloofs. The kloofs are regularly patrolled by members of the Mountain Club who can and will ask for your permit.


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