Swaziland Tourism Authority

The Launch

The launch of the Swaziland Tourism Authority took place at a ceremony held in September 2003. His Majesty King Mswati Ш, accompanied by the Queen Mother, was present at the ceremony and gave the keynote speech. He stressed the importance of tourism to Swaziland's economy and asked the Swazi people to take a personal interest in Tourism by personally visiting tourist destinations.


There was much to entertain the guests including some of the best traditional dancing to be seen in Africa.


The colourful occasion contained fine examples of the richness of Swazi culture


Among invited guests were members of the royal family, representatives from the European Union and diplomats. There were several stalls representing different elements of Swazi tourism.


Swaziland is a small independent country with borders onto South Africa and Mozambique. The people are peaceful, helpful and friendly. The country is rich in history and culture and has many attractions such as fine Game Parks and beautiful mountain scenery. Currently under development are some beautiful hiking trails that will explore some of this mountain terrain. The Ngwempisi trail should be open before the end of 2003. Within the country are to be found some excellent international class hotels that offer the tourist excellent value for money.

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