Korongo Hiking Trails

uBhetyan-o-Africa Lodge, Middelburg, Mpumalanga

Less than two hours drive from Gauteng, the uBhetyan (Zulu for Rhino) Lodge is host to the Korongo Hiking Trails. The trails explore a densely forested gorge on a separate farm some 9km from the lodge and this distance is covered by the use of the lodge's game viewer which transfers hikers to the Korongo camp. 


The Korongo hiker's camp is one of the best to be found on any hiking trail. It is well equipped and includes a swimming pool. The camp sleeps up to 16 people


Gas stove, pots, refrigerator are all provided. Generally hikers are accompanied by a guide but larger groups can apply to be self guided providing they sign an indemnity. This is due to the presence of several Leopards in the area.

The third trail (at the Lodge) is always accompanied by an armed ranger as there are Rhino.


The views from the ridges are stunning!

Frans the guide
  An amazing variety of flora awaits the hiker.  

Much of the trails lie in the bottom of the gorge next to the stream.


A beautiful stream flows except under drought conditions


Take the trails at a moderate pace and enjoy!


The third trail which is guided by an armed ranger is in the game park. See White Rhino and other game species.

The uBhetyan Lodge is ideal for small conferences as it caters for up to 50 people and has a restaurant, bar and spa, all adjoining the conference room



This is a beautiful place to spend a relaxing weekend. The trail camp at Korongo is one of the best I have seen. Both trails at Korongo camp could be done in one day leaving open the possibility of arranging to be collected earlier enough to do the game trail on the Sunday before going home

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