Faerie Glen Nature Walk


Text and pictures courtesy of Alta Terblanche

This is the first time that this walk featured on the Footprint Hiking calendar.

Six enthusiastic hikers pitched on this beautiful morning to venture down the trail
Everybody had to sign a register prior to departure and hikers were warned about vagrants that may possibly lurk along the trail and were advised to stick together. No map was also available detailing the possible routs to take,

The trail starts by crossing a branch of the Moreletta spruit and the quickly ascends to the ridge overlooking Menlyn Mall and Lynwood Road.

On top of the first ridge beautiful views could be had of Pretoria towards the west and landmarks like the Voortrekker Monument and the Magaliesberg further to the northwest could be seen.


There is quite a large variety of indigenous trees to be found along the route with the well know White Stinkwood (Celtis Africana) in abundance. Several trees that bear edible fruit were also identified (It got nicknamed Lionís indigenous breakfast walk).

One river bush willow (Combretum erethrophyllum) was particularly impressive with it massive size and the way its canopy spreads. This is an ideal stop for the noon snacks and we all spent some time relaxing in the shade of this magnificent tree.

Generally the route is poorly marked and one has to follows ones nose in exploring the trail.

A bird hide is also to be found next to the spruit but we did not stay long enough to observe any birds.

Close to the end of the trail we can me across a tortoise slowly making its way down the track and were admired by all.


Overall although short the trail was most enjoyable.

There is no cost involved in walking this trail and no booking required.

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