Angel's Wing Hiking Trail

Clarens, Free State

The Eastern Free State area must rank as one of the most picturesque place of South Africa. Clarens, as one of the small towns in the area, has become its art and tourism centre and people flock to it to discover the secrets the place has to offer. The town is surrounded by beautiful mountains that in summer are covered by lush green velvet-like grass. Close to Clarens is the Golden Gate National Park with its awesome mountain landscape that is popular with hikers. Bordering the park is a privately run trail named Angel's Wing Hiking Trail.


The Oumaskraal  overnight hut is situated in the mountains and one needs a 4x4 vehicle to reach it. The owner of the trail will take hikers up to the camp with his vehicle.


The scenery is spectacular and the route well planned.


Rather than exploring the mountain tops as one might expect of the locality, the trail reaches down into the picturesque gorges.

  The Trail continues along the river banks, sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right bank. Be careful of the river crossings as the stones can be very slippery.  

There are plenty of opportunities for swimming. These pictures were taken at the beginning of spring and before the main rains but during the summer there are beautiful waterfalls and pools.



Another trail that has been developed in the last year. A trail that is certainly worth doing and one that can be considered moderate in difficulty.

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