Alberts Farm

Albertsville (close to Northcliff Corner)

Alberts Farm may not be known by many Johannesburg residents but it certainly has a number of good points that should be taken into account when one is looking for a place to go for a walk on a weekend afternoon in Johannesburg. The conservancy consists of about 90ha of small rocky ridges, undulating grassland stretching down to the wetland area along the Montgomery Spruit. The area is ideal for dog walking and kite flying while the more avid walker might enjoy exploring the spruit downstream to where it joins up with the Braamfontein Spriut.


A network of paths weave their web across the conservancy and an hour of exploration will be well worth while. .


The conservancy contains some lovely small dams and patches of cool, wooded areas.

There is also a lovely spring that rises in a rocky area of the park


Alberts farm is also used on occasions by Orienteering clubs and by church groups who hold their services in the park.


Alberts Farm is ideal for kite flying


Another popular parking area is situated just off Standard Drive, close to Delta Park School.

Dogs are welcome but bye-laws stipulates that they should be kept on leads.


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Alberts Farm location map


The Alberts Farm Conservancy is certainly worth a visit if you are looking for somewhere to spend an hour or so in nature. The conservancy is far less crowded than other parks such as the nearby Emmarentia.


Alberts Farm is perhaps one of the safer parks in the city. It should however be remembered that it is a public open space and as such basic precautions should be adhered to. Try to walk in a small group of people. Leave all your valuables at home. Always be conscious of what is going on around you. Johannesburg City Parks and the Friends of Albert's Farm Conservancy try to make your visit to the park a safe and pleasant occasion but in common with parks and public open spaces throughout the world, there is always risks. The onus is on the individual to ensure his or her own safety.


Johannesburg City Parks

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Event management

+27 (0) 11 712 6600

Friends of Alberts Farm Conservancy

     For more information please contact 

       Nina +27 (0) 83 583 5383


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